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website design - western wildlife removal

PROJECT: Website Redesign

CLIENT: Western Wildlife Removal

The goal of the Western Wildlife Removal project was to redesign their current website, improving the content, design, and functionality.

The new Western Wildlife Removal website is not only functional but also educational, featuring videos and images of nuisance wildlife. The site is easy to navigate thanks to the sticky menu, it is a modern, mobile-friendly design that appeals to anyone experiencing nuisance animals.

Because nuisance animals are an urgent issue for people, was given a prominent CTA (call to action) right in the header allowing visitors to request a free consultation.

PROJECT: Website

CLIENT: BCI Machinery

As a start-up, BCI Machinery’s first priority was the need for a website that was built on their industry experience and credibility.

We approached the design of knowing that it needed to have an industrial feel that appealed to structural steel fabricators. However, it also needed to be clean and easy-to-navigate with a mobile-friendly interface that allowed their customer base to have access to the site from their mobile device on the shop floor.

The website is very visual, containing numerous videos of the structural machinery offered along with downloadable PDF brochures. This visual approach allows visitors to quickly search for the machines they are interested in and request a quote directly online.

bci machinery website
beeline property inspections

PROJECT: Website Redesign

CLIENT: Beeline Property Inspections Inc.

The objective of the Beeline project was to redesign their website from the ground up, giving it a more modern look and enhancing the user experience.

The new Beeline website features a welcoming, easy to navigate, mobile-friendly design that appeals to residential and commercial property owners. was given an obvious CTA (call to action) that gives visitors an opportunity to schedule their appointment directly online.

The new website showcases various certifications, organizations, and Veteran-Owned business status giving visitors a strong sense of confidence.

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